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We have a convenient online ordering system to pre order before you come.

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We are here to help you through the process of legalization and what to expect when you step thru the doors of cannabis retail. We’ll explain your choices helping create an experience that best fits your Cannabis Lifestyle.  Guided in a rich history of cannabis retail, we provide a convenient and comfortable atmosphere where you can come connect with others just like you.

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We invite you to stop by, ask questions and discover a better perspective. Blended Buds helps you step away from everyday stress and challenges, and focus on a more creative, open and peaceful state of mind.  Our state of the art POS system and multiple large menu boards help in providing a personalized experience. Blended Buds caters to your goals and expectations, ensures quality products, and protects your health and safety.  

We are your source for recreational adult cannabis!

We are pleased to answer any questions you might have if you don't see it here on our site. Come by the store and say Hi and our friendly staff will be sure to help you, see you soon!