Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Legal and Limits

What is the legal age to purchase and use cannabis? In British Columbia, the legal minimum age to purchase and use cannabis is 19. It is illegal to purchase cannabis for anyone under the age of 19. How much cannabis can I purchase in one transaction? You may purchase up to 30 grams of dried cannabis or the equivalent in oils, capsules, or seeds. What is the equivalency for products other than dried cannabis? The 30 gram possession limit in the Cannabis Act are based on dried cannabis. Equivalents were developed for other cannabis products to identify what their possession limit would be. One (1) gram of dried cannabis is equal to: 5 grams of fresh cannabis 15 grams of edible product 70 grams of liquid product 0.25 grams of concentrates (solid or liquid) 1 cannabis plant seed How much can individuals possess? According to the Federal Cannabis Act, an individual may possess, in a public place, cannabis of one or more classes (dried flower, pre-rolls, oils, capsules, seeds) equivalent to 30 g of dried cannabis. There is a possession limit of 1000 g or equivalent in a private place. Where can I legally use cannabis? Cannabis may be used in private. It can be smoked or vaped in public in the same places where tobacco can be smoked or vaped, except in places where children commonly gather. Check your local smoking bylaws to be sure. What ID do I need to show when purchasing cannabis? You must show two pieces of ID, one of which must be issued by a government agency and include your name, birth date, and picture. The second must include an imprint of your name, signature and/or picture.
Does the Blended Buds Store ship or deliver any products? Yes, but only Paraphernalia such as Bongs, Grinders ect Currently you may only purchase THC Based products directly from our store which is located in Vernon BC. Can I travel with cannabis I buy at the Blended Buds Cannabis Store? You may travel within the province of BC with a maximum of 30 grams of dried cannabis or the equivalent in oils, capsules or seeds, however you may not use any cannabis products in any vehicles, whether they are moving or parked. It’s illegal to transport cannabis across the Canadian border. Cannabis laws are different between provinces and territories. This includes legal age, where you can smoke, use, and buy cannabis. Make sure to learn the laws before you travel. Never ever transport cannabis over international borders. Where can I buy cannabis online? The only legal place to purchase non-medical cannabis online in BC is Where can I buy cannabis in store? Municipalities in BC control whether or not cannabis stores can open in their jurisdiction. The only legal place to buy cannabis in-store is in a licensed cannabis store or government cannabis store. I am a licensed medical cannabis user. Can I buy my cannabis at the Blended Buds Cannabis Store? Yes, however it will not carry with it the exemptions from rules around possession, use, etc. that cannabis purchased from a licensed producer under a medical authorization would. Why did the Canadian federal government legalize cannabis? The federal government has legalized cannabis in order to strictly regulate and restrict access to cannabis in Canada. The Cannabis Act implements a new comprehensive public health approach that will be more effective in protecting youth and keeping profits out of the pockets of criminals and organized crime. What role does the BC Liquor Distribution Branch play in the sale of cannabis? The BC Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) will be the sole, wholesale distributor of non-medical cannabis for the province. Can I bring my underage child into BC Cannabis Stores? No, unlike BC Liquor Stores, you may not bring anyone under the age of 19 into provincially licensed cannabis stores. How do you ensure that minors can't access BC Cannabis Stores? Age verification takes place at the entrance to the Blended Buds Cannabis Store, so please ensure you bring two pieces of ID to prove that you are 19 or over. What are the penalties for sharing cannabis with young people? The Cannabis Act created two new criminal offences, with maximum penalties of 14 years in jail for giving or selling cannabis to youth, or using a youth to commit a cannabis-related offence.

Health and Safety

Is using cannabis bad for my health? There are many short and long-term effects from using cannabis including physical dependency and cannabis use disorder that may result from frequent use. What should I do if I feel ill after consuming a product? If you have any health issues after using cannabis, you should consult your healthcare provider. Can I overdose on cannabis? Overuse of cannabis may lead to many short and long-term health effects, including psychotic episodes characterized by paranoia, delusions or hallucinations. Can I become dependent on cannabis? Continued, frequent use can lead to a physical dependency and cannabis use disorder. You may be at a higher risk if you have a family history of mental illness or other types of mental disorders. If you or someone you know is worried about cannabis use, consult your doctor. What are the risks of using cannabis if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding? THC and CBD can be passed to a fetus or newborn through blood or breast milk. Cannabis use during pregnancy has been linked to lower birth weights and developmental effects in newborns. Since there is no known safe amount of cannabis to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding, the safest approach is to not use cannabis. Will cannabis interact with my medication? Combining cannabis with other medications can increase the overall effects. This could increase the risk of injury or harm, particularly with activities like driving. For more information on the interactions between cannabis and medications, consult your healthcare provider.

What is your return policy?

Can I return a product after I've opened the package? No, with the exception of recalled or defective product. Only unopened products that have no visible signs of tampering may be returned with a receipt. If I don't like the experience of the product, can I return it? No. If my product is defective, can I return it? Products may be eligible for a refund if they are expired, moldy, or damaged. How do I return a product? All sales are considered final sale at Blended Buds Cannabis Store, however, with the exception of the following three conditions: Damaged/Defective products (expired, moldy, damaged) Recalled products If a product has been found to be defective or recalled, you may be eligible for a refund. Connect with our Customer Care Center via our Contact page to request a return. You may also return it (with a receipt) to the Blended Buds Cannabis Store. Customers have 15 days to return accessories with a receipt. How long do I have to return a cannabis product after I purchase it? Cannabis products may only be returned if they are defective, damaged or recalled. With the exception of recalls, returns must be requested within two business days of the delivery date. How long do I have to return a cannabis accessory after I purchase it? For purchases at the Blended Buds Cannabis Store, the return period is 15 days to return accessories with a receipt. The product must be unopened and in its original packaging. How long does it take to receive a refund? Upon receipt at the warehouse, products are assessed for refund-eligibility. If deemed eligible, returns will be processed the following business day. If I return a product, how will my payment be refunded? A refund will be made to the original method of payment. What will happen to my product after I return it? If your product (accessory) is considered saleable and has not been tampered with, it may be restocked. All other returns (cannabis) will be safely destroyed.

Product Info

What products are available to customers in BC? British Columbians, aged 19 years or older, will be able to purchase dried cannabis flower, pre-rolls, oils, capsules, seeds, and cannabis accessories at the Blended Buds Cannabis Store. All cannabis products are purchased by Blended Buds Cannabis Retail outlet via the BC Liquor Distribution Branch. Who provides cannabis to the BC Liquor Distribution Branch? The LDB will only purchase non-medical cannabis from federally licensed producers, approved by Health Canada. Who ensures the safety of the products in the Blended Buds Cannabis Store? All cannabis products undergo lab-testing at licensed testing facilities as per Health Canada safety standards. Approved non-medical cannabis products will be safely transported to the LDB’s warehouse by appropriately regulated transport agents before they are distributed to both the public and private retail stores. Is cannabis I buy in-store or online fresh? All cannabis flower is cured or dried to ideal levels by licensed producers before it is sold to customers. Products are kept in sealed packaging until purchased and efforts are made to maintain freshness at all times. What’s a strain? Strains are different varieties of cannabis that each come with their own unique array of cannabinoids and terpenes. Different strains may result in a different experience, depending on a number of factors. What are indica, sativa, hybrid and high-CBD products? Generally known by its Latin name, Cannabis sativa, cannabis has historically been thought of as consisting of at least two types, indica and sativa, which are believed to differ in terms of places of origin, height, and leaf shape. Most strains today are hybrids, a genetic cross between indica and sativa plants. A high-CBD product, containing greater than four percent CBD by weight, may be either indica-dominant, sativa-dominant, or a hybrid. What are cannabinoids? Cannabis contains hundreds of organic compounds. More than 100 or these are known as cannabinoids, including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), that are made and stored in the plant's trichomes. What are terpenes? Terpenes are organic compounds made and stored in the trichomes of the cannabis plant, with the cannabanoids. Terpenes give cannabis its distinctive smell. The exact effects of terpenes on their own, and within cannabis are currently unknown. Why do amounts of THC and CBD in a product sometimes change? Total cannabinoids in a particular strain can differ slightly from one batch to the next, depending on a number of factors. It's important to remember that cannabis is a plant and it is common for some variability to occur. What is the product label information telling me? Product labels will include the name and contact information of the licensed producer, a brand name, the amount of THC and CBD, storage instructions, quality attributes, safety warnings, packaging date, lot number, weight, and Health Canada's THC warning symbol. How can I tell how strong my product is? Each product label will include the pre-consumption and total amounts of THC and CBD, in a percentage of the product's weight. The higher the percentage, the more concentrated the product. Is today's cannabis stronger than it was in the 1980s? THC potency in dried cannabis has increased from an average of 3% in the 1980s to around 15% today. Some strains can have an average as high as 30% THC. I don't want to smoke cannabis. Are there other ways to use it? Yes, inhaling smoke from the burning of any substance can harm your respiratory system and invite harmful carbon and carcinogens into your body. We strongly recommend using a vaporizer like the PAX or the Arizer to greatly decrease the amount of unwanted smoke from entering the lungs. Other smokeless ways to use cannabis include cannabis oil products, including sublingual oils (placed under the tongue) and capsules. Why can't I purchase edibles or concentrates? Edibles and concentrates are still illegal under federal law. Will transporting packaged cannabis result in an odour? In its sealed original packaging, cannabis products should not result in an odour. Once opened or transferred to another container, consumers may find that their products have an aroma. Store cannabis products securely so that they can't be accessed by children, teens, and pets. How do I store my cannabis after I've purchased it? Store your cannabis in sealed container (glass containers work the best) in a cool dark place, ensure it's in a locked, child-proof container away from children, teens, and pets. What does it mean if a product is showing as limited quantity? The inventory for this product in the Blended Buds Cannabis Store is at a low stock threshold. You may still be able to purchase this product in our store but quantities are very limited.
How will I know if a product is recalled? Please check our website for news about product recalls, as well as instructions for receiving a refund. What do I do if my product is recalled? If the BCLDB offers a recall for a product you have recently purchased at the Blended Buds Store, you can return any unused products at the same store. How are defective products destroyed? After a defective product is refunded and returned, it will be destroyed in accordance with approved policy and procedures.